Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter 2015

I know I'm a little late on this Easter post, but for some reason I was having a hard time getting my pictures to transfer from my camera to my computer.  But I got it figured out!  We had a nice relaxing Easter.  The boys hunted for eggs the bunny left.  Then spent the morning playing with the fun stuff he left them in their baskets.  It was beautiful out that day so I decided to pack up a picnic lunch and we hit the park for a few hours.  They loved that!  Then Chris made some super yummy steaks for melt in your mouth yummy!  It was a fun family filled day :)

Everyone got a new Rubik's cube.  They are 'the' thing in our house right now!

Look Mom!

He was digging this triangle cube.  Trust me it's harder than it looks.  I cannot solve it.  Vann can though...he's a Rubik's cube master!

They each got a new water bottle...perfect for our multitude of baseball games over the next few months.  And Ash got this water coloring book.  

And each got $5 in an egg in their baskets...lucky ducks!!

This mini magna doodle will come in handy for killing time while watching his big brothers play ball.  

Finding eggs...

Got one!

So this little water coloring book was a huge hit!!  He was so into it...kinda surprised me.  

My Chaycers

My Vannimal

They love pokey eggs in bread and I usually just cut a circle out of the bread, but today I got a little fancy and made a cross!  

They thought it was pretty cool.  And fruit kabobs...Ash is into kabobs right now :)

More water book action.

His crazy smile!

Chaycers got a new Xbox game that he's wanted for a few months now.  He was stoked about that!

Coloring in his 'real' coloring book.

Slide time!

He was in love with the slide...he went down over and over and over again!

Chayce climbing up this thing.

I laid a picnic blanket out and the kids had fun running back and forth...they'd come take a few bites and then zoom down the slide.  It was a great time!  I hope you had a nice Easter with your fam!

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