Friday, April 17, 2015

Giraffe painting

The boys did one of their Deep Space Sparkle video art lessons last week.  They really enjoy doing these video ones!  Patty, the art teacher, knows just how to make everything they do a lot of fun.  Anyhow, in this lesson they learned how to draw a giraffe and then paint it using only primary colors.  For the rest of the colors they had to blend and mix their paint.  They loved it!!  

Chaycers drawing his giraffe.

Vann's adding his giraffe's spots.

Drawing his spots.

Adding the background.

First they painted all the yellow and red parts.

Then they mixed the two and painted all the orange areas.

His favorite part is mixing the paints!

After they painted the blue parts, they mixed up their green and painted that.

Looking good Vann!

Adding his purple.

For the final color they mixed all the colors they had left!

And any open spaces they painted with that final color.  

Then they outlined everything with black paint.  

Tada!!  I love how colorful they are.  Such a great job boys!!

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