Friday, April 10, 2015

Baking Cookies

The boys have lots of things they need to do to earn badges in Cub Scouts.  One of Vann's is to bake cookies.  Fun right?!  We jumped all over this one and the boys got right to baking!  I found a healthier peanut butter cookie recipe and they weren't super excited about it to begin with.  Apparently they've never had peanut butter cookies what?  But once they licked the batter they were sold!  

They made the cookies all by themselves!  I helped in gathering ingredients, teaching them how to use the mixer, how to level stuff off and also answering questions about which measuring spoons to use...most of our measuring spoons have the labels rubbed off so I need to buy some new ones for them that way they can figure it out on their own.  But this was totally their thing and they really enjoyed it!  

Pouring the egg in. 


Measuring the vanilla.

They liked using the mixer.

It's a little blurry, but I love how they're both smiling watching their cookies mix up :)

Dumping the flour mixture in.

Scooping the cookies out.

Putting them on the baking sheet.

Once on the baking sheet I did bake the cookies for them while they went to the neighbors to play.  It was gorgeous out that day so, I wanted them to get some fresh air too.  When they were done baking I took the warm cookies out to them for a snack.  They loved them!!  

Vann is soooo into cooking right now!  Every time we go to the library he checks out at least 4 books about cooking...usually ones with kid friendly recipes.  Then the Easter bunny brought him a cool little cookbook with lots of easier, healthy recipes.  He asks to help me cook every single day...I love it!  

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