Friday, May 29, 2015

Baseball, farmer's market & Rubik's cubes

It was gorgeous last Saturday for our baseball games.  I even got a light flip flop tan going on!  Chaycers had a game in the morning and Vann had one in the afternoon.  Here are a few pics...

Little Ash and I watching Chayce's game

Chaycers up to bat.

He was watching Vann and Ash play dodge ball with some kids.  He kept was cute!

And here's Vann pitching.

Up to bat. 

After our games, we spent the rest of the day outside.  I went to the store and got the kids some popsicles.  I also picked up a quart of chocolate brownie ice cream for myself.  Bad idea...I ate the entire container within 24 hours!  I love chocolate so much and have zero self control when it's in my house.  It was delicious, but boy did I have a belly ache lol.  

Look Mom!

Our farmer's market opened up the Friday before so we had to stop by and check it out.  This will be our new go to place for fruits and veggies over the summer.  They always have great deals...I love it!  This week they have all their apples for 59 cents a pound...I'll be super stocking up.  We go through so much produce every week it's crazy.  I love it though!

Ash is munching on a green bean...yes he eats them raw!

The boys have been begging me to buy another Rubik's cube.  I finally caved and let them spend their money to buy some.  Vann got a Curvy Copter and Chayce got a Snake Twist.  Both very fun!  

Guess what?!  I can solve this one!!  And Chaycers almost has it down as won't be long before he has it mastered :) 

Have a great day!!

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