Monday, June 1, 2015

Puzzles & a Lego experiment

Most Friday's we take a break from our regular school work and try to do more puzzle/game type stuff.  Things that get them learning without them even realizing it.  This past Friday we pulled out some puzzles and did a fun Lego experiment with our Lego Education set.  All the kids really got into it...super fun to watch!

Vann picked a dinosaur puzzle...he busted it out pretty quickly!

And Chayce helped Ash with a firetruck puzzle however Ash had other plans for his puzzle pieces haha!  He was throwing them in the air...silly boy :)

Usually Ash is very into puzzles, but today not so much.  

He just kept throwing the pieces in the air lol. 

For this Lego experiment the boys built a car with a flywheel.  Then they tested it on their track and measured how far it rolled with different combos of tires on it.  It was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it!  

Ash built his own Lego car and had to test it out too :)

They were great about taking turns pushing the car and recording their data.  

He had to record the results too!

So for each car they tested first they predicted how far it would go and then they did 3 runs, recording the results after each run.  Then they would try a new combo of wheels and do it again.  

It wasn't long before all the kiddos were watching them do their experiment!

I loved how Ash wanted to be just like his big brothers :)
And as he scribbled, he would say 65 or whatever the distance was cute!

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