Monday, May 4, 2015

Bowling Fun!

The boys and I went bowling with their Cub Scout friends a few weekends ago.  We haven't been bowling in over a year so I was excited to go.  And they both did good!  Chayce was able to hold and throw the ball correctly...however the ball rolled super duper slowly ha.  And they had bumpers up the entire time which was nice or else there would've been a ton of gutter balls.  I would love to take Vann bowling without the bumpers one day to see how he does.  I think it would help him find his groove ya know.  The boys bowled two games and we also ate some pizza.  It was sooo yummy!  I could've easily eaten like half a pizza, but I resisted and only ate two small pieces.  

Vann's watching his ball...

Action shot!

A few of the kiddos

Chaycers and I

Vann and I

Vann and Kenny

Chaycers bowling...

Vann is Yoshi and Chayce is Cheze (we call him Cheese sometimes, but you could only use 5 letters).
My loves :)

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