Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pinch Pots

I'm not sure if I've told you before, but Chris is very artsy.  He loves to paint and create with clay.  And he's really good at it!!  But he doesn't do it very often so when he does it's extra special.  Anyhow, the other night he decided to teach the boys how to make pinch pots.  It was so fun to watch them get in their zone and create! 

Smoothing his pot out with water.

Little Ash was soooo into this project!  

He really liked helping Dad.

Chaycers smoothing his pot out with water.

He's trying to pinch the sides...so cute!

I love this picture!  Dad is helping Chayce and Ash is smooshed into the side of his arm.  What's funny is that he didn't care at all! 

After a few times, I started playing peek-a-boo with him :)

Vann got fancy with the top of his pot.

I love his little cheeks when he's focused.

Chris's creation...a super cool flower!  

Vann added a creature to the middle of his pot. 

Pretty neat!

We plan to have the boys paint their pinch pots here one of these days.  Chris stayed up late and painted his flower one night this weekend.  It's so pretty!  I will take a picture and post it soon so you can see it.  Chris got a boat load of clay for Christmas so, I'm guessing there will be more clay projects happening.  I'm looking forward to having their creations around the house.  And I think they will make fun gifts for others!  

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