Monday, May 18, 2015


We are still loving our science curriculum, Elemental Science.  We've been learning about volcanos, mountains, glaciers, islands, different biomes (deserts, grasslands, forests, arctic) and other fun things.  These pics are from our earthquake demonstration.  

We were supposed to use sand, but since we didn't have any we used dry beans instead.  They had to make a building on the beans and then give the dish a light, medium and hard shake.  This was to demonstrate how different sized earthquakes cause different amounts of damage.  

Then they had to record their results in their workbooks.  I love this part.  It really helps them retain the info better.  I also love that they can look back and review any info whenever they want.  

Instead of just dumping the beans back into the bag, I had Ash use a small measuring cup to put the beans in the bag for me.  He loved it!  

I put the ziplock bag in a cup to make it easier for him.  It worked perfect and was a great little activity for him.  

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