Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More t-ball!

I've got some more t-ball pictures for ya!  So this game was a fun one because they played on a real field.  Normally they play on a smaller grass field so playing on the dirt was a lot of fun for them.  Plus they really loved the covered dugouts!  Warning...there are a lot of pictures!!

Warming up with Dad.  They are the closest to camera...can you see them?  Chaycers is off to the far right and Chris is kinda in the middle facing the right wearing a navy hoodie with white writing on the back.  

I love seeing all the dads out on the field playing catch with their kiddos! 

Chayce is playing 2nd base.  Dad's helping coach...you can see him on the left on Chaycers.
The dugout!  Chaycers was getting some gum.

Running from 1st to 2nd base.

Running to 3rd base.

Getting some pointers from Dad.

Meanwhile Ash is digging for buried treasures with some friends.

It was pretty chilly out which is why they're all bundled up.

This kept him busy for quite some time.

Cheese!!  I love this picture!

In between doing magic tricks, Rubik's cubes, and running around with the other kiddos, Vann decided to climb a tree!

Up to bat.  I really like his Coach a lot...he is so great with the kids!

Now he's playing catcher.

This little cutie looks like he's up to something!

Love it!


  1. Love seeing Chris out there with Chayce!!!!

    1. I know, me too! It's so fun to watch. Chris loves it too!!


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