Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Homemade playdough, a green friend & dirt

We had a nice relaxing Memorial Day.  We skipped school...yahoo!  And I had a few daycare kiddos here so, between them and all the neighbor kids, the boys were busy playing all day long.  It was kinda rainy in the morning so, we decided to make some homemade playdough.  Seriously it smells so good!  Click here for the recipe...

What I love about it is that they get to mix it up.  So little do they know they are learning a bit (measuring and following a recipe) while they are playing.  

He was so into it!  

Squishing his playdough in a seashell.

Vann, Chayce and Gianna made Minecraft stuff...they are obsessed with that game!

Making a fish

Now lots of circles.

Once it got a little nicer out, we headed outside.  One of the kids found a little green caterpillar...he was the center of attention for awhile!  

Ash really like him.

Chris grilled the most yummy dinner.  I am so lucky he loves to cook and is awesome at it!  He made a pork roast, this super delish corn salad, and some smashed potatoes.  So, so good!  Oh we also had a sweet, juicy watermelon...I heart summer!  

After dinner the boys helped Chris plant the garden.  Ash loved it the most.  He was covered in dirt...such a cute lil' messy boy!  Here are a few pics I snapped before he jumped in the tub...

He was being his super silly self!

Love him!!  The best is when we look at the pictures on my phone after I take them...full out belly laughs...it's the best!  

We needed lots of bubbles to clean him up!  He likes to blow them off his hand.  

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