Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My sweet Vann

This kiddo is just amazing.  I love watching him think and figure things out.  His brain is wired to do puzzles of all kinds...I love it!  One of his favs right now are Rubik's cubes.  He is so so good at them it's crazy!  So far he's mastered the 3x3, 2x2, triangle and this new one, the Megaminx.  I had no idea they even made different shapes...but they do and he's obsessed with figuring them all out!  

He made this checkerboard pattern on the Megaminx.  So cool right?!

At his last Cub Scout meeting they talked about Indians and tepees.  For their craft they made a wigwam.  

Making the frame of his wigwam.

Adding the covering.  

And here are a few pics from his last game.  He pitched an inning which was pretty fun to watch.  He had a few crazy pitches, but he did throw a couple of strikes and even struck a batter out!  I was hootin' and hollerin' in the stands!  

Up to bat.

I like this picture!

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