Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day & other fun stuff

Vann and Chayce tried to do 'airplane' the other night.  It was pretty funny as they had quite a few tumbles in the process.  Good times!  

Check out this cute lil' thing.  He loves his Dad...like wants to be by him all.the.time.  I love that Chris works from home 80% of the time.  I try to tell the boys how lucky they are to have us both here all the time, but I'm not sure they realize as they've really never known (or remember) any different.  Anyhow, Ash loves going to visit Dad in the garage, his office, any chance he gets.  He is also really into sports right now and always wants to golf or play baseball or catch, anything.  

He's doing great with potty training.  I still can't believe he's fully trained, night and all, and he did it all by himself!  I do still put him in a diaper at night, but he never pees in it...ever.  He will wake me up if he has to go in the middle of the night.  I told myself he made potty training easy on me since he didn't sleep through the night fully like ever...still doesn't as now he gets up to pee.  Hey, I'm used to it so it's all good!

I had a really nice Mother's Day.  The boys were so sweet...they made me chocolate covered strawberries, homemade sugar scrub, decorated a mug, homemade cards and then bought me a few fun things from the dollar store...nail polish, lip gloss, a new phone case...I loved it all!!  Their thoughtfulness made my heart smile :)  

They made them in the shape of a heart!

So, for all the homemade stuff they worked together with their neighbor friend.  The boys had the idea to make the strawberries and she had the idea to make the scrub and the mug.  They spent all morning on Saturday making these things.  It worked out perfect because I went to a yoga class that morning so, Chris supervised all the kiddos.  He said they did everything themselves though...he didn't help at all.  When I came home from yoga I got sent upstairs because they weren't quite finished ha!  So I took that opportunity to change the sheets on the beds.  Once they were done in the kitchen they locked themselves in the playroom for another hour or so while they wrapped and made cards and whatever else they were doing.  They had a lot of fun!  

On Mother's Day they had the neighbor mom come over for the big reveal of the chocolate covered strawberries.  It was so cute!  Then they devoured them all!!  It was so fun to watch them enjoy the fruits of their labor.  No worries though, I had my fair share!

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