Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I took the boys to Fravinia at the library a couple of Friday's ago.  What's Fravinia?  It's a free event the library has a few times during the summer where they have local bands play and we just come to enjoy the music.  It's usually on the big grassy area behind the library and most families pack up picnic dinners.  It's fun!  Well this year it was really chilly and kinda rainy out and I debated taking the kids.  But we decided to go so, we bundled up, grabbed our big umbrella and packed up a picnic dinner.  And I'm so glad we did because when we got there we saw they had moved the event inside...score!  

The band...SODA.  They were really good!  They played oldies and newbies...it was a great mix for all ages!

I loved that they involved the kids a ton!  They had these cute lil soda pop shaker bottles for them to shake...made for some beautiful music lol.

Standing on his chair to get a better view.

The kids doing the twist...Vann is right in front there and Chaycers is on the left in the back.  I'm happy he got up there, he's my shy guy.  

A little conga line action..

My sweet thing :)

Being inside made our picnic a little harder to eat, but we managed.  We had homemade lunchables (summer sausage, cheese and Triscuits), apples, carrots and water.  They gobbled it all up!  

Not only was the music really good, the main guy was funny!  He kept cracking jokes and had us all laughing.  Ash wanted nothing to do with dancing, but I was glad Vann and Chayce got up there for a few songs.  When they weren't dancing, they were watching from our chairs.  The lady beside us leaned over and told me how well behaved they were...made my heart smile :)  

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