Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wind Activities

More weather fun!  We're still digging our Elemental Science curriculum.  Last week we learned about wind and kept busy with these wind activities :)

This first one demonstrates the differences between light and strong winds.  It's super simple, you just blow a cotton ball across the table with a light wind, medium wind and strong wind (aka gales).  Sometimes I think these easy ones will not be much fun for the boys, but I'm always wrong.  The loved it!  They giggled and kept at it for longer than I anticipated.  Even little Ash wanted in on the action!

I love the leg up on the table lol. 

Strong wind!

He giggled every time :)

Love this little dude :)

This next one demonstrates a little about tornadoes.  They shook this thing over and over and over again!  Amazed each time how a little funnel of water appeared in their bottle.

Swirling it...

So cool!  

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