Friday, June 19, 2015

Toothpick puzzles

Vann has been into magic and puzzles and tricks lately.  We have numerous books from the library that he's picked up and really enjoys reading.  One of the newest puzzles are these toothpick puzzles.  We were actually supposed to use matchsticks, but we don't have any so we used toothpicks instead.  I gotta tell ya even I was super into these puzzles...they're fun to try and figure out!

So this one was a dog...we had to get him looking to opposite way moving only two toothpicks.  It's looks easy when you see the answer (Vann's is the answer), but some of them really stump you. 

Thinking really hard about this one...

They had to turn those 5 squares into just 3 squares by removing only 3 toothpicks.

This lil' cutie was all about helping us clean up!  He loved putting the toothpicks back into their holder. 

It's so cute, every time we go to one of Chayce's t-ball games, Vann packs up his backpack with all of his newest tricks so he can show his buddies (brothers of Chayce's teammates that are his age).  They are always in awe of what he shows them.  It's fun to watch, they all sit in a circle (Ash is always right there too because he doesn't want to miss anything) and they do puzzles and tricks.  I love it!

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