Thursday, July 2, 2015


The boys enjoyed learning about clouds.  They were super into getting all the names of each type down.  I even learned quite a bit during this week of lessons too!  We got this great book from the library that was very helpful in learning about clouds...Clouds by Anne Rockwell.  

Here they are using cotton balls to make a picture of the different types of clouds.

Those are his cirrus (wispy and feathery) clouds.

Vann did a great job of making the stratus (blanket like) clouds.  

The puffy ones are cumulus clouds.

Chaycers put a few cotton balls together to make his stratus the bottom of his picture.  

They colored a few grey to make nimbus (storm) clouds.

Using the book to help label his clouds.  They have specific names depending on how high they are...I didn't know this so it was fun to learn about.  

What I love most is when the boys talk about things we've learned outside of 'school' time.  They are always pointing out and naming clouds now as we drive or are sitting at's great!  

After work we headed to the mall.  It was a different one than we usually go to so we had to stop and watch the fountain action for a bit.  After about 15 minutes we all had to pee!

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