Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little critters

The boys founds some friends while helping us do a little yard work a few weekends ago.  Ash loved his worms, he had two of them, and he squealed every time they wiggled.  It was so cute!  He held them for quite some time before letting them go in the garden.  And Vann found a frog!  They took turns holding him before also letting him go in the garden.  

We worked on the back yard and side of the house.  Tons of weeds had to be pulled and we put some mulch down so it looks much better!  We still need to make the front a little prettier, but I was happy to get half the yard done.  

Little Ash laid down for his nap after we were done and I set the older two up with a sprinkler and some water guns.  While they played I laid out...yay!  I have quite the farmer's tan from sitting and watching baseball games so I wanted to help my belly out a bit.  I only did a half hour on each side and it was just enough to give me the tiniest tinge of light pink.  Mostly it was so nice to relax and do absolutely nothing.  I'm always busy doing something so it forced me to chill for that hour.  It was great!  

Ash's little worm

Vann's frog :)

You can't see them, but now he has two worms!

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