Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cub Scout Camp - Day 1

The boys had such a great time at their Cub Scouts Camp!  I was super excited for them, but a little unsure of what to do without them here with me.  I must admit it was the longest 2 days without them ever!  It made me realize even more so how lucky I am to get to spend all my days with them.  I love it and wouldn't change it for the world!  

Day 1 - Chris took them to our friend, Nicole's, house at 7:30am.  She along with two other adults were the chaperones this day.  I was at ease knowing they were in good hands with someone I totally trust.  And she knows me well and knew how much I would miss them so, she sent me texts throughout the day which I uber appreciated!  

Off to camp!  How cute are they?!

I wasn't the only one who was going to miss them!  

He cried when they left and asked about a thousand times where they were...poor guy!  He also let me know many times that he really wanted to go with them.

Homemade playdough made him a happy camper again!
Click here for the recipe. 

He really loves this stuff.

He cut it...

And shaped it into an...

Ice cream cone!  

Meanwhile the boys were having fun learning about archery.

And they both did great!

They got the most bulls-eyes out of their Pack...go boys!!  

Nicole dropped them off at home at 5:45pm...long day right?!  That last hour was the worst.  Ash and I were pacing the floor, watching out the window, impatiently waiting for them to pull into the driveway.  There were lots of hugs when they finally did!  And then they told us all about their day.  They had a ton of fun which was great to hear!  

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