Monday, July 20, 2015

Cub Scout Camp - Day 2

They boys were very excited for Day 2 of their Scout Camp.  With their backpacks packed they were ready for a fun day!  

Headed off to Scout Camp again! 

I loved packing lunch boxes for them!  Since we homeschool I don't ever need to pack them lunches so, this was a special treat for all of us.  I kept it pretty healthy because that's how we eat at home.  Although I realized after snapping this picture that I went a bit overboard on the fruit and should've included more veggies.  Ah well, next time!  My fun surprise was the little note I wrote each day along with a joke.  They really liked it :)

Chris was the chaperone for their second day of camp.  He didn't snap any pictures, but he did get a video of Vann on the rock climbing wall.  He made it to the top each time...yay!!  Chaycers got about halfway up each time and then his little arms just couldn't reach the next rocks.  Chris said he tried sooo hard though!  

With Chris and the boys at camp that left little Ash and I with a whole day to play by ourselves...yay!  I had an eye doctor appointment in the morning that took about 20 minutes and then afterwards we headed to the park.  We sat and watched the ducks swim around for quite a while.  It was so relaxing, the weather was perfect, there were no distractions, it was just him and was amazing!  We had some great convo and I soaked up every second of our one-on-one time together.  

Look at the ducks Mom!

Silly boy! 

We played at the park for a bit.  Although it's not a very big park so we spent more time exploring around the pond.  We saw a man fishing and watched the fountain which he thought was pretty cool.  


The ducks were having a feeding frenzy at one point.  They kept diving down and popping back up.  It was cool to watch.

After a quick trip to Costco we headed to another park!

I'm doing Ninja Warrior Mom!  The boys love that show.  

Swinging like a big boy!  

We got home around 2:30 and he was a tired little boy.  He fell asleep in my arms while I was rocking when that happens!  

I did some chores while he slept and impatiently waited for the boys to return from camp.   I couldn't wait to hear about the fun they had!  

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