Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Dog Artwork - Rodrigue

We had a great first week of school last week!  On Friday we did one of my favs...a Deep Space Sparkle art lesson.   They learned a little about George Rodrigue who is famous for painting blue dogs.  So, of course, we had to make blue dogs! 

First, they drew their dogs using a black oil pastel on either black or blue paper.

Then, they colored in his nose using a white chalk pastel

After picking out two shades of blue, they began coloring the rest of their dog. 

Harley got in on this project too! 

Vann's deciding if he wants to add any more light blue to his picture.  

Chaycers is so focused :)

I love how into they all get!

Chaycers is almost done coloring his dog blue.

Now it's time to smooth the chalk pastels out. 

They liked this part!  Got a little messy in the process.  Their fingers, hands and fore arms were covered in blue.  

Coloring his eyes yellow and outlining his nose black.  

Chayce's dog is winking :)

Coloring the background. 

Smoothing it out.

Ta da!  Those are some pretty cool blue dogs.  If you look closely you can tell that both Vann and Chayce used two shades of their background colors.  I love them all!

Beautiful artwork for my walls!  

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