Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Power Car - Lego Education

The boys love when we do a Lego Education project.  And I love that they are learning while having fun.  They get to build, test, predict and modify with each activity...all good stuff.  So, I've included it in our school schedule this year as part of our Friday fun days!   

This past Friday they built a Power Car.  They were excited to get to use the motor!

There are two books for each project so they each get to build a part of it.  Teamwork...my fav!

After they built the Power Car, they tested it it see which set of wheels made the car move up the ramp the quickest.  

Then they added a weight to the back end.  They discovered that it would not pull a book.  I love Ash's face in this one :)

But it did pull a CD!  They were very happy about this...look at Chaycers, he's like 'Yes!!'

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