Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parks and Lots of Play!

I took the kids to a new to us park for play and a picnic about a week ago.  It had the tallest play structure I've even seen before!  They loved sliding down the tube slides over and over and over again.  Even little Ash was digging them!  

So tall!

Peek a boo!  Can you tell who's who?!

The older boys went swimming with our neighbor, Victoria, for a few hours one day.  They loved it!  

I love how Vann is lounging :)

A neighboring park district was hosting a Messy Play in the Park one evening so we met a friend there.  They didn't get into the messy crafts, I think because we do so many of them at home, but they did enjoy playing in the splash park.  It was actually a little chilly out and Ash was shivering.  He didn't mind though and kept on splashing!  After drying off and changing their clothes they played at the regular playground for another hour.  It was a fun night :)

Ash, Ethan (their friend), Chaycers and Vann

They liked to step on the water shooting straight up in the air.

So I just learned about this cute little used book store in downtown Bartlett.  I can't believe I didn't know it was there!  I love books...a lot.  I look forward to bringing the boys here to pick out new books often :)

Ash picked out a lift-the-flap fire truck book.  Chaycers got two National Geographic chapter books...he loves Nat'l Geo books.  And Vann found three Goosebumps books not yet in his collection.  We came home with 6 books for the bargain price of $7.50!  

After the book store we headed over to Bartlett's Candy House for some Kids Fest fun.  They love when we go there because they get to spend time with their friend Kenny.  

We headed back to Kids Fest the next day so this little dude could ride the train.  He was looking forward to it for a week!  

And he loved it!!

Ash's yummy candy finds!  I gave them each $1 to spend at the candy store.  I love giving them an amount to spend because it makes them use their math skills...I'm a sneaky teacher lol.  

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