Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bowling & Computer Coding

I had the opportunity to take all of my munchkins bowling one day so, we jumped all over it!  We went to Pinstripes for their discounted kiddo bowling they have from 10-noon on weekdays.  It was perfect!  They had comfy couches for us to lounge on and ramps for the little ones to roll their balls down.  Everyone had a great time and I hope to do it with them all again!

Bridget, Harley, Vann, Chaycers, and Ash

He loooves bowling!!

Chillaxin' :)

It's more than just a ball ramp :)

Ash and I

After bowling we ate the lunches I had packed for us and then we headed to the mall for Vann's computer coding class.  It was at the Microsoft store and he really enjoyed it!  While he was in class the other kiddos and I played games, did a little shopping at Bath & Body Works and rode on the elevator that has glass walls...highlight of our trip :)

Ash and Chayce playing Xbox.

Those cheeks...I heart them oh so much!

Playing Minecraft.

Time for class!

The computers they used are super cool.  It's the kind where the keyboard comes off and it turns into a tablet.  

Ash wanted to learn about computer coding too!

Playing a shark game.

While these two played Fruit Ninja.

They were so cute swiping!

It was a fun little outing!  Nice to get out of the house for a day since we don't get to do that very often.  On the way home all the little ones crashed...they were all so cute :)  

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