Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trip to Iowa - Beach Day!

We took a trip to visit my family in Iowa at the end of July.  It was fabulous!!  It was just the boys and I because Chris had to work...boo.  We missed him for sure, but we still had fun and enjoyed every minute :)   

For the first leg of our trip we drove to South Dakota where my mom and Al have their camper set up. 

And we hit the beach!  

And swam in the river.  It was the boys' first time at a beach...they loved it!

Ash with Grandma :)

Love this pic!

He spent a lot of time just checking it out.

Hi Chaycers!

Digging in the sand...

Burying Vann's legs...

Look, I buried my foot!

Love these three boys!

They had a lot of fun swimming and playing with their cousins.  

They really enjoyed the beach a lot!  I plan to take them there again sooner rather than later.  I mean it's a little ridiculous that Vann is almost 10 and he's never played at the beach...bad Jen!  I promise I will not let another 9 years go by before taking them to the beach again.  Maybe next time it will be a near the ocean :)

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