Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dragster - Lego Education

We did a Lego Education lesson as part of our Friday fun day too.  This time they made a Dragster.  It was really cool...they built the dragster, loaded it into the launcher and let it go!  They tested it with 3 different kinds of wheels and 2 sets of gears to see which combo went the farthest.  

Building their Dragster.

Chaycers built the motorized launcher.

And Vann built the Dragster.

I really love how much they like doing this.  It combines two of their favorite things...Legos and experimenting.

You can kinda see how the launcher works in this pic...the Dragster gets loaded onto the front piece that moves up and down. 

Time to test it out!

For the final set of wheels, we had to take the experiment outside as our kitchen wasn't long enough.  

But we found the street was a little too bumpy so, the dragster didn't travel quite as far.  

They had fun trying it over and over again though!  

I'm looking forward to seeing what fun creation they build next week!  Speaking of next week...I'm starting preschool with all my littles!!  I'm very excited and cannot wait to watch them learn new things :)

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