Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lego WeDo Birds

We started our new Lego Education curriculum about a week ago.  Legos + robotics = awesomeness! The boys have been sooo excited to dive into this.  And their first project did not disappoint, they loved it!

All of the instructions are on the computer.  

First they built their creation, this one was two birds.

Digging for pieces...

They worked together during this part. 

Then they hooked the birds up to the computer and made a program to make them move.  

They played with this for over an hour making different programs.  They made them turn the same way, different ways, stop and start again, added sounds, etc.  It was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it!  

I look forward to many more fun times with this curriculum.  And I know the boys can't wait to do the next project!  

Vann has been so into origami lately.  He folds for hours a day...no joke.  I had to order him more origami paper.  Can you believe he used all 500 sheets I bought him a few months ago?!  Well he's all stocked up now with some 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 paper.  He was happy to have some larger paper as it's easier to make different creations.  He was in origami heaven when it all arrived.  He's made some pretty sweet Halloween creations using books from the library.  And he made me this cool bracelet too.  I heart it!  

I'm not sure how much 'organizing' is going on, but they sure had fun going through all of his creations.  

And this little cutie is in love with the Boxcar Children movie.  We read the book together and then watched the movie and
boy does he love it! 

I think Santa needs to bring him this movie for Christmas :)  

Okay I'm off to start school with the boys.  Hope you have a fun day! 

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