Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trampoline Fun

To celebrate Ash's birthday we invited a few friends and I took them to Rockin' Jump, a fun trampoline place.  We were super happy to discover they also have rock climbing as well.  They all had a ton of fun jumping and climbing!

A great bunch of kiddos are ready to have some fun!

Their bright green and orange socks.

I just love the way Ash jumps.  He uses his arms and it's totally adorable!  Vann is the only one not in this video.  Not sure where he was, probably checking out the rest of the trampoline areas. 

Smile Ash!  My cute birthday boy :)

Kenny and Vann battled it out...Kenny won :)  They had a blast and were cracking up the whole time!

Kayla and Mia battled also :)

Vann rock climbing. 

One of the many times he reached the top!  

Vann's making up a game to
play while they jump in the
foam blocks.  I love how
Ash is watching him.
Chaycers jumping!

These guys all get along so well.  Such a fun group of kids!  

A quick video of Ash and Chayce jumping.  I love how they do the exact same thing :)

Chaycers rock climbing.

He reached the top a few times too!

Chayce, Kayla, Kenny and Vann all on the wall at the same time!

One more video of the kiddos jumping.  Chayce's fav thing to do was run, jump and slide!  Vann isn't in this one either...he loved the rock climbing so kept going back to that every chance he got.  He also loved running, jumping and sliding though!

It was a really great time!  Lots of jumping and everyone rock climbed multiple times except for little Ash.  He wanted to, but was too small.  The belt fell right off of him.  Kind of a bummer, but we decided we'll have to go back when he's bigger so he can do it.  He was cool with that :)  Not that I want him bigger any time soon.  He can take his time growing up, I'm in no rush.  Love my sweet little munchkin!  Happy 3rd birthday Ash!!

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