Friday, October 30, 2015

Paint a pumpkin

Little Ash had fun painting a mini pumpkin the other day.  You've got to check out his crazy faces at the end.  One of the many reasons I heart him!

He was digging the black paint.

He was super into it. 

Gotta get the top.

And the bottom.  Love the photo bomber!

Smile Ash!  Or not and make a bunch of silly faces haha!  

Cutie :)

Such a goof!

So last night as the boys were getting ready to take showers and I was putting laundry away Vann says, 'Uh Mom.  Ash just peed in the vent.'  I mean how can you not laugh when you hear that?!  I said, 'Ash why did you pee in the vent?'  Ash, 'Because I had to pee.'  Oh okay, makes perfect sense haha.  Never a dull moment I tell ya and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

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