Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Boxcar Children movie surprise!

The boys got a super fun surprise in the mail today!  Remember when I told you how they watched and loved The Boxcar Children movie?  Well would you believe the producer of the movie somehow found my little blog and sent me an email asking if the boys would like a signed poster and DVD sent to them?!  

I still can't believe it.  Of course I told him they would love it!  And that I had plans to buy it for them for Christmas because little Ash watched the one we borrowed from the library about 10 times in 2 weeks. And that he plays Boxcar Children with his toys all.the.time.  He loves Henry, Benny and Dr. Moore :)  

It is just the cutest movie full of great lessons about being creative, hard working and thoughtful towards others.  If you haven't already watched it you totally should!  It would make the perfect gift for any little one.  And Christmas is less than two months away!

This little cutie was beyond excited when he opened the mail!  And immediately wanted to watch it :)

They cannot believe the producer really sent this to them.  Such a fun surprise!  It totally made their day.  We are very thankful!!  And Ash cannot wait to hang it on the wall in his room :)

Even Watch the dog signed it!  And the DVD is signed too.  So cool!  

Thanks so much Dan Chuba for making such a wonderful movie!  And for being so kind and sending my boys both the poster and DVD.  We appreciate your generosity...thank you!! 

Click here to find this movie on Amazon.
And click here to learn more about The Boxcar Children.

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