Monday, October 26, 2015

The best fall weekend!

We had the best fall weekend!  Lots of family time, Halloween fun, fall activities, absolutely gorgeous weather, I loved every second!  

The boys had fun running around with Mia and Kenny at the Boo Fest on Saturday.  And since it was at Bartlett's Candy House, they left with a yummy candy treat!

Tires, tires everywhere!  Then we spent a few hours Sunday at this cool pumpkin farm called Abbey Farms.  They had tons of fun stuff for the kids to do!

Chaycers, Nate, Vann and Ash.  Those tires were huge!

This slide was pretty steep.
The older boys enjoyed it!  
And they went down a
few times each. 

Chaycers...he looks a little nervous, but he loved it!  I tried to get Ash to go down with me, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  He said it was too scary.  

We ate apple cider donuts
 and then went on a
hay ride around the farm.
The sun was very bright,
Chaycers was having a
hard time not squinting.  

Smile boys!  They're so silly :)

They had these cool go kart like bikes.  

Vannipants...that's what
Ash calls him all the time
now, it's super cute.  


Ash loved this mini zip line!

We ended our Sunday with some yummy chili and pumpkin carving at Casey's house.   Everybody's busy scooping pumpkin guts out. 

Hmmm, what's in here??
I was surprised he liked it!
And he kept going in for
more seeds. 

Chaycers had trouble getting the stringy stuff out.  

That green scooper Vann has worked great!  

It's kinda dark, but all three boys are enjoying
 some fire time with Pops.

Meanwhile, the big kids are hard at work. 

Lighting the candles for our jack-o-lanterns.  

Our pumpkin fam!
Chayce's, Vann's, Andy's, Ash's and Casey's

Ash didn't want in on the pumpkin picture...little stinker.  

It really was the most perfect day.  Lots of family time which I heart a lot.  I can't wait to do it again.  In fact this coming weekend we're flying to Texas for more family fun...yay!!

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