Wednesday, October 21, 2015

F is for Feather

We're learning about the letter F this week so, I thought feathers would be perfect for our F craft.  The kids loved them too!  

He did great putting the glue on his F's.  

Look at that feathery little f!

Working on the big F now. 
Almost done...

These feathers are fun!

So they don't look much like F's anymore, but he likes them :)

Bridget's working on her letter F.
She only wanted a big F on her paper :)

A blue one right here, perfect!

Harley's putting her glue on.
Gotta get the line on
the little f.

All done! 

So pretty huh?!

I'll have to snap a picture of our display of all the letters Ash has made so far.  I have them hung on a string in his room and every time he goes in there he points them out.  And he's started pointing them out everywhere else now too!  His fav is the big E and little e.  He's sees them on everything!  It's super cute, I love it.  

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