Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Birthday Party

This year we did a big combo birthday party for the boys.  Their birthdays are only a few weeks apart so it works out great to celebrate them together.  We had some family in town which we always love.  Grandma Rana flew in from Kansas and Laurie drove in from Ohio.  The boys loved having them here to help celebrate their special day!

Laurie and Vann snuggling while watching Chaycers play soccer.

Great pic!  Ash was eating a candy corn :)

The boys do this thing where they say, 'Go to Sonic!'  And then they pose in a silly position.  It's their version of the Sonic commercial.  It's so so funny!!  

The appetizer table.  Sorry it's so dark, I'm not the best photographer.  You know you homeschool when your walls are full of artwork and school stuff!

I kept it simple and made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings on top...super yum!  

And here's our dress up station.  I got a bunch of fun stuff from the Dollar Store the kids could pick from.  And then they got to take it home with them when they left.  They loved this!

Maddie all dressed cute!

Nate, Chayce and Ash playing knights.  
The craft table
Cupcake suncatchers
Ash had 3 candles!
Singing Happy Birthday!

Chayce had 7 candles!

And Vann had 10 candles!
That's a lot of candles for
one cupcake!  And yes
we sang Happy Birthday
3 times :)

We celebrated Casey's birthday too!
She had 33 candles on her cake :)

All the boys got cool Nerf guns.

Lego Minecraft...yes!

Labyrinth game...a fun maze game. 

Magformers...he loves
Silly putty and this cool 
remote control spider.

Wrapping paper mess!

Even Molly got covered :)

Chayce and Casey building
his Star Wars ship.  
I think he likes it!

Vann built his Lego Bionicle Spider

These Magformers are a 
big hit at our house!

The boys got in their jammies and had a nerf gun war with Alex!  This little cutie is hiding :)

Ash, not yet in his jammies, is getting some help from Casey.

Vann is ready to attack with his cool nerf gun!

I got you Alex!  It was the perfect ending to our fun filled day!

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