Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Glittery Winter Trees

The kids made some Glittery Winter Trees this afternoon.  They are beautiful!!  I love how each tree is so unique.  My most fav thing about doing these kinds of art projects is watching them create.  Seeing their imaginations unfold right there onto the paper.  I love it!  I got the idea for this lesson from this blog, click here.  We looked outside at our bare winter trees which just had snow on them a few days ago, talked about how a tree gets smaller near the top and how snow falls on the branches.  It was a fun project!

Chaycers drawing his tree.
They used brown crayons.

I had a bunch of different browns
laid out on the table. 

Harley Jo

Vann's tree

Then they used white
paint for the snow.
I love how into it he gets.

So pretty Harley!

She's working hard.

Painting his snow.
Now he's splattering
it on for snowflakes.

Adding glitter paint so his snow sparkles.

He decided to paint his whole background
with the glitter paint.  Turned out so cool!

And he's splattering snow on too.

Your winter trees are beautiful boys!

Don't you just love them all?!?!
Hi Molly girl!  



It's hard to see the sparkle from the glitter paint in these pictures, but I assure you they are all sparkly perfection!  I can't wait to hang them on my walls :)

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