Friday, December 4, 2015

Feed My Starving Children

A few weekends ago, the boys and I went to Feed My Starving Children with their Scout troop.  It was such a humbling experience and one I'm glad the boys were a part of.  I tell them often how fortunate we are and how so much of what we have is unnecessary, but being a part of this really helped it hit home with them a little more.  

They helped to pack meals that will be shipped to other countries.

It was an assembly line and it flowed super well.

Chaycers :) cute are they
in their hair nets?!

Ash and I...he was in stinker mode lol. 

Everyone with their troop that participated.

My two cute Scouts :)

This cutie did not want anything to do with his hair net.  He pouted and even squeezed out some huge tears.  It was kinda funny.  In the end, he wore it because he had to and all was good.

If you look at the big screen behind them you can see how much they packed for the children in South Sudan.  

When we were finished, we sat in the car for over half an hour talking about everything and how we need to appreciate and be grateful for all that we have because there are so many out there with much much less.  Also how we need to want for less...this is something I've been working on this past year.  We have so much stuff and stuff does not matter ya know.  So this past year I've really been working on living with less.  It's the reason I didn't buy them 15 birthday gifts like I always do.  That stuff gets forgotten and honestly how many toys can a family have?  So I focused on a fun family outing, a memory that will stick with them forever instead of a toy that will lose it's mojo in 3 days.  Anyhow, I'm still not where I want to be and plan to continue working on living with less and my only hope is that through it all I will pass this mindset onto the boys.  Okay that was deep lol, back to Feed My Starving really was a great experience that we all enjoyed and I hope to do something like this with them again soon!

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