Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One-point Perspective Paintings

We did a one-point perspective Halloween project and I loved it so, when I saw this one I knew we had to do it!  This one was a bit more involved and took a few sessions to complete, but it was so worth it.  First, they drew their picture.  This took a good hour or so.  One thing I love about art is how lost they get in it.  It's so fun to watch them create :)

Chaycers is using a ruler to draw his buildings.

The next week, they traced over their pencil in black marker.  

Vann's cool huh?!

Chayce's it!

The next session we brought out the paint!  

Working on his trees.
He alternated shades of green.

Painting his road.

Time for some buildings.

Vann did a rainbow of buildings.

Lookin' good!

Sky time...

He did a pretty sunset :)

Harley's painting her trees.
And now her buildings.

Almost done!

Vann's masterpiece!  So colorful, I love it!

Chayce's masterpiece, I love it!  I heart his orange door!

Harley Jo's masterpiece!  I mean for reals, can you believe she's only 4?  Wonderful!  

My little Ash had his 3 year check up last night.  Yes I realize I'm a few months late.  Better late than never right?!  He does not love the doctor.  Like at all.  Ever since he was 2 months old he cries the second we walk in there...I'm serious.  He knows every time he goes (which is really only for his yearly well visits), he's going to get shots.  No fun.  So as we're getting ready to leave he kept saying, 'Mom I want to go to my doctor appointment later ok?'  Oh you sweet thing!  He did not want to go at all and was trying to get me to postpone it.  

As we pull into the parking lot he's like, 'I thought I said I want to go to my doctor appointment later?'  Yes he really said all that!  Everything went exactly as I anticipated...tears and more tears and lots of was lovely.  And he didn't even get any shots!  Little stinker cried and cried just because we were his doctor appointment that he wanted to go to later.  Thank goodness he doesn't ever get sick and these visits aren't more frequent!  I held him the entire visit while she looked in his ears and listened to his heart and lungs and all of that.  She said he's growing perfectly and is tall for his age.  People ask me that all the time!  Well now I know it's true :) 

I just love his wispy lil' curls.  And those cheeks...can't get enough of them!  

He put a slap bracelet on his leg and said, 'Take my picture Mom!'  Okay you little cutie, whatever you say :)

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