Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Books, Playdough & Origami

Gosh I feel like I haven't posted in forever!  How have you been?  Did you have a nice holiday?  I'll post about our Christmas and New Years Eve fun soon :)  

Chaycers has a new book series that he loves!  It's called Kingdom of Wrenly.  He just finished his 4th book and is patiently awaiting Amazon to deliver the 5th one tomorrow.  He enjoys reading during our 'reading time', but my fav is when I find him reading all on his own.  And sometimes he chooses the funniest reading positions.  Just check out the pics below.  I was cracking up while I watched him, he was so squirmy lol!  

Hey, I don't care how he reads!  I'm just happy he loves it.

Chris's early Christmas present!  He was soooo excited about it.  He loves to grill and smoke and has been wanting one of these for years.  I foresee lots of yummy food being cooked on this thing!

I taught Chaycers how to play double solitaire the other day.  I love this game!  

Vann asked if we could make homemade playdough one day so of course I said sure thing!  It's one of my fav activities because the kids not only get to mix it up, but also play with it for quite some time.  It usually keeps them busy for over an hour.  And clean up is a breeze as the playdough doesn't stick to anything...I love it!  Here's the recipe we always use...Homemade Playdough.

My crew :)

Look Mom!
Making a fish.

Look at that belly!
These two are best buds :)

Vann created this origami marble run...it's so cool!!  I'm always in awe of the creations he makes.  The patience he has to fold like that is amazing!  

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