Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our summer school fun!

It's officially summer here in the Riley house...yay!  I can't go all summer without school.  I just can't.  I find the kids behave so much better with routine and maybe not a full day of scheduled activities, but some.  And plus they love to learn!  So why stop?  

Well this summer I wanted to do something a little different.  It's hard for me to throw all the workbooks and curriculums we do all year long aside, but I'm going for it this summer!  But we're still gonna learn.  Just in a less school-like way.  I found the coolest idea online a few weeks ago.  A-Z STEM activities.  I thought yes that's it!  

So today we started our A-Z summer fun with you guessed it, the letter A.  We read an apple book.  Talked about alligators and ants.  Played an addition game.  Made paper airplanes.  Learned about absorption.  And had a water fight...wait that's not A lol.  

Coloring their papers for their airplanes.

Vann was in his element here as he loves origami.
He walked the kids through each step.  

Fixing his airplane.  Just like his Dad...always jamming to music.

They were so cute to watch.

Lots of throwing and chasing and squealing going on!  

Chaycers tried to fly his airplane while riding his bike.
And it worked!

They loved this transfer the water from one bowl to another using a sponge game. Like totally loved it!

Waiting patiently for Chaycers to run back.

Lil cutie!

After two games we had to move the chairs to another
part of the yard as it was starting to get a little slippery.  

Somehow shirts came off, the water guns magically appeared
and a full blown water fight was in effect!

He's on a mission to squirt Vann. 

Lots of squealing.  It was great!
And it wasn't long before the hose came out...more water, yes!

'Guys.  I'm literally soak-ing wet.'  Haha!  

It was a fun filled day!  The older kids each have a notebook, or journal.  This is where handwriting, spelling, grammar, etc will come into play this summer.  Each day they will journal about some part of their day using the words I've written on the chalkboard (today was all our A words).  I'm looking forward to comparing day 1's journal entry to the final entry at the end of summer.  It'll be so cool to see how much they've improved in sentence structure, creativity, handwriting, etc.  

The kids are excited about our A-Z activities and so am I!  I'm hopeful it makes for a fun, memorable and full of learning summer.  I have a few more A ideas so, we will finish those up tomorrow.  Can't wait!  

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