Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Letter A continued...

Today we learned about angelfish and armadillos.  We watched a few videos about armadillos...they're pretty cute!  The little kids did an ABC puzzle.  Puzzles are Ash's favorite.  The bigger kids and I talked about area and they solved a few problems.  Gotta sneak that math in there lol.  We also learned about angles.  I was looking forward to this as I knew the boys would really dig it.  I got the idea from here.  And everyone helped to make an apple cake.  It was just like an apple crisp, but instead of oatmeal the recipe called for flour.  The kiddos loved it!  

A few of their angel fish.  The black & white striped is Chacye's.
Blue squares is Vann's.  Pink & blue is Harley's.  

And here's Ash's.  He was so proud of it!
He even cut it out and we hung it on the wall. 

Chaycers was in charge of chopping
the apples for our 'cake'. 

They drew circles with a compass and then
made angles with a protractor.  

They really liked this project!

The entire time Vann worked on his,
he talked about how much he loves geometry.
I heart that because I love geometry too.

We talked about acute, obtuse and right angles.  

They were supposed to color each
type of angle the same color.
Turned out great!

It was a fun day!  And I stuck to my meal plan for the week and got dinner made, baked ziti.  Plus I roasted some tators and peppers for breakfast tomorrow.  They'll be really yummy with eggs.  I'm 3 days into my meal planning, again.  Hoping I can stick with it as it really is so helpful.  I'm taking it one day/one meal at a time though lol.  

Have I told you about my new favorite cookbook?  It's from the Pioneer Woman.  It's my go to every time I need to make anything.  Everything I've ever made from it has been delicious!  And the kids love all of her meals too so for me that's huge.  When they ask for seconds or for me to make that dish again tomorrow...well that just means the recipes are family friendly and oh so yummy!  

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