Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jets & jelly fish

We skipped our letter fun on Monday and jumped back in to letter J fun on Tuesday!  We made blow jets.  Practiced our jumping.  Played slap jack...which turned into go fish as they like that game better.  We learned about jelly fish.  They are crazy cool.  I got stung one time when I was younger...not sure how old, under 14 though.  My mom, dad, sister and I were in Galveston at the beach and all I remember was walking out to get a better look at that pretty thing in the ocean.  Bad move Jen, bad move.  I walked right into the jelly fish!  My dad was right there and scooped me up...getting stung in the process.  Even still, I think they are pretty and amazing.  Although I think that about almost every living creature...even spiders which I uber dislike.  Speaking of spiders, we learned about jumping spiders.  The boys love spiders...eew!  Later that night as we were snuggling before bed, we were watching an animal show on tv and wouldn't ya know a blurp about jumping spiders came on!  I love when stuff like that happens.  

Vann used the stencil to make his jet.

The rest of the kids used a pre-made one.  I helped Ash cut and fold his, but boy did he enjoy blowing it!  

Over and over and over again!

Squeals and yays every time he launched his jet!

Chaycers following the instructions on where to fold it.

Then you tape it to a large straw, insert a smaller straw and blow to make your jet fly.

Vann's turn.

We spent a lot of time outside as well.  Watched our baby birds.  Rode bikes.  Rollerbladed.  Ate popsicles.  I read some of my book.  It was a lovely afternoon!

He's gotta protect at all times!  A little dangerous I know.  But he's a boy and I've gotten used to them living on the edge just a bit.  

They made a mini roller rink out of the driveway.  

And then this happened lol.  Which turned into Chayce riding his bike while he pulled Vann on blades down the sidewalk.  And you guessed it...a big bump on the 'road' and boom...two scraped knees.  He got 'em pretty good.  But I doctored him up and he's all good now.  I hate when they hurt themselves.  

Finishing a book is bittersweet sometimes.  I was happy to be at the end, but sad it was over.  Such a great read this one.  I've discovered I'm so drawn to historical books, both fiction and non.  Also books about other countries and war.  It still surprises me when I get engulfed in these such books as I disliked history the most in school.  Probably because text books are boring.  But now I can't get enough!  If you haven't read this book you totally should.  It's fantastic.  

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