Monday, June 27, 2016


Our letter K day involved just a few K activities, but not as many as I would've liked.  That's okay though...sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!  We chatted about kangaroos and kittens.  And about how we all think we should get a kitten.  I'm such a cat lover and sure do miss having them in the house.  Hopefully one day soonish we'll get a kitten!  They did a few math problems on Khan Academy.  We also made kirigami.  I bet you can guess that this was all Vann's idea!  He's an origami lover and was very excited to teach the kids how to fold and cut kirigami.  

Kirigami is when you fold paper and then cut it.  Those snowflakes we've been making all these years have a name...who knew?!

Chaycers made connecting hearts.

Harley made connecting stars.

Vann made a sheet of diamonds.  And a bunch of other stuff that I didn't get pics of. 

All three of our baby birds have left the nest!  This lil guy wasn't quite ready yet as he can't fly.  He just hops and flaps his wings.  Still cute as be can be though!  Mama bird was pretty worried when she stopped in the middle of the street.  She was chirping her 'mama bear' chirp loudly and non stop!  I was ready to jump in front of any car if need be, but thankfully she made it across safely.  I hope she stays safe till she learns to fly.  It was so neat to watch the baby birds get a little stronger each day.  I'm gonna miss them!

Here's Vann playing one of his songs from last week.  This was right after he got home from his lesson.  

And this was after a week of practice right before his next lesson.  So funny, I think he's wearing the same outfit lol.  The sound on the piano needs to be turned up a bit, you can here the clicking of the keys, but he's so much quicker!  He loves to play and practices every day all on his own.  It seriously makes my heart smile to listen to him.  I love it!

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