Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekend fun!

Playing a little catch up here.  It won't take long to get caught up though!  I took the boys to the pool again last Friday.  They love that place!  

My sweet thang :)

Lazy river action
I'm not sure why, but they
have to stay in their tubes.

Vann loves the zip line!

Saturday we signed the older two up for fall soccer.  Then Chaycers went to a library class.  It was called Grossology and was right up his alley.  It involved poop!  They learned how looking at poo from different animals (even if it's fossilized) can teach you a lot about that animal.  I still remember dissecting an owl's pellet when I was little.  I loved it!  Anyhow, this class was so Chayce :)

Then we celebrated Mia's birthday.  Ash is whacking the pinata.

Most of the munchkins.  Ash and another kiddo are not in the picture.

Singing Happy Birthday! 

It was pretty toasty out on Saturday so, the kids played with water guns, a small pool, and this jump house.  They did their best to get the slide wet which made for slippery fun!  

Sunday I took the boys to
the Compassion Experience.
It was one of those really
makes you appreciate all
you have moments.
Lil' Ash checking out the 'food'.

Sparked lots of good convos after hearing how these two kids from other countries lived.

It was a great weekend!  For Father's Day dinner I made Chris homemade White Castle burgers.  He looooved them!!  So much better for you too.  He was a happy camper :)

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