Friday, June 17, 2016

Illusions and interlocking puzzle pieces

When chatting with the boys about what to do on I day we came up a little empty handed at first.  And then the ideas started rolling in!  We talked about invertebrates...this was a lengthy discussion and even I learned a few new things.  Vann identified lines and shapes on Khan.  Chaycers didn't have any I tasks in his 3rd grade math on Khan so he chose to work on rounding numbers.  And little Ash identified letters with flash cards.  They've been asking me to make our cookies-in-a-jar we've had since Christmas so I thought sure...let's ingest cookies!  Lots of illusions...I Spy stuff, find the difference, etc.  They love things like this.  Then we illuminated glow sticks and interlocked puzzle pieces.  What's great about these I activities is that many were new words so we had some vocab going on too...yes!  

Working together on their illusion book

Harley loves this spot the difference book.

Interlocking puzzle pieces


Back to the book.

My littles :)

The big kids worked on interlocking these world puzzle pieces.

It was a team effort.  I love puzzles so I helped a little too!  Mostly separating pieces and laying them out so they could focus on putting it together. 

By the end of the day they had it almost all together...more so than in this picture here.  

And they're finishing it up as I type this right now!

He's been looking forward to his piano lesson all week.  His teacher said he killed it!  He reminds me so much of myself when he plays.  He wants it to be perfect right now  So he plays for an hour till he gets it.  And he had a first while practicing...after a few times of not getting it he did a quick lil full hand smash on the keys.  I laughed.  Because I used to do the exact same thing!  It's like it erases your mess ups.  Listening to him is my fav :)  

We ended our night with a few errands and a pedicure for me!  It's been at least 2 years, maybe even longer since I've had one.  My feet loved it!  And the boys did amazing...Ash snuggled on my lap the entire time and just watched.  He was perfect!  The older two played a game on their tablets and didn't make a peep the whole time.  I'm blessed to have such great kiddos.  They understand that sometimes even Mom needs a lil time for herself too :)

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