Wednesday, July 27, 2016

4th of July - Part 2

More 4th of July fun!  On Sunday we were on a mission to find Ash some new shoes.  Every time I turn around one of the boys is growing out of something.  I swear I'm gonna blink and Vann will be taller than me.  Slow down boys, slow down...

Chaycers and I before we headed out to shop.

We stopped to check out Maurices as I used to shop there way back in the day.  This little cutie was having some fun in the mirror.

He's happy most of the time, but every once in a while he does get upset.  This time it was because he didn't catch a parachute guy from the firework.  But hey he's got his new shoes on!  Target...$9...score!!

Dad's passing out snaps.
The kids looove these!

More please!

My Sweets :)

Helping Dad with a firework.

Ash is like what are you doing Dad lol?!

Ready for a big boom!

There aren't many people I would trust to let my Chaycers light a firework off with...Aaron is one of the few.  

The boys love him.

Our loot!

Sparkler fun!



We spent most of Monday at the pool.  It was wonderful!  

The boys had so much fun.  We totally lost track of time.  It was perfect.


He was blowing water through the noodle and trying to hit Dustin with it.  

Cutie :)

6 hours of swimming tuckered this lil guy out.  He crashed on the couch around 8pm, I transferred him to bed and he slept till 8:30 the next morning!  

Looking at Dad's baby pictures with Grandma.

Tuesday we drove to Newton, KS to eat lunch at 701 Cafe...Chris Young's new restaurant.  It was yummy!!  I'm so happy for him and wish him continued success!

The gang!  Ash was trying to hide lol.  

One last Grandma snuggle before we headed home.  

It was a wonderful trip!  Lots of family time which is my fav.  And Chris's friends are the best.  They're family too.  We're already looking forward to more Kansas fun next year!  

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