Monday, August 22, 2016

Late night walk

Hey hey, I'm back!  Man going on vacation really throws my normal routine for a loop.  And not just workouts, my chores, my sleep, all of it.  But I'm craving my routine so, I'm determined to get myself back on it this week.  Here are a few random pics from July that I haven't shared with you yet.  And then I can't wait to tell you all about our camping was so much fun!

My Chaycers and I

And my Sweets

A little puzzle action
at the library
He was pretty proud
of himself :)

We went to Nicole's new house one night.  It's backs up to the golf course which is so peaceful.  Off for a late night walk we go!

There's a little pond nearby.  

The kids were so cute looking for frogs and fish.

Found one little guy!

I heart this pic.

Love the friendship between all of them.

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