Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Shay!

How have I not told you this yet?  We have a new family member!!  Baby Shay was born a month ago and is the most adorable lil thing you've ever seen.  I'm in love with him!  

Love is amazing.  I remember when I was preggo with Chayce wondering how I could possibly love another tiny human as much I love my first born Vann.  I was worried I wouldn't have enough love for him.  Sounds silly now, but it was a very real feeling at the time.  I quickly learned there is always room for more love.  Always.  The depth of my love for each of my boys is unbelievable to me.  And I'm positive if I had 10 more babies I would love them just as deeply.  When I first laid my eyes on baby Shay that was it.  Instantly in love, like he was my own.  Love is amazing.  

Ash was smitten with him as well.  I held Shay for about an hour and he sat like this the whole time.  And watching Ash love Shay...makes my heart explode. 

Chaycers loves him some babies!

Ash is making sure
Vann doing a good job.
He's gonna be a good
big cousin!

We went to visit him a week after he was born.  Love this face!

Chayce kept rubbing his head.  So sweet.

Oh my...kisses!

Welcome to the world baby Shay!  We're so happy you're here and look forward to many fun times with you.  You are one loved baby.

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