Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hay ride

The boys and I went to a Fall Festival this past Saturday.  It was the most gorgeous fall day ever!  Clear skies, bright sun, temps in the 60's, trees starting to change colors, it was amazing.  So this festival had a hay ride and we couldn't miss that.  Would you believe the ride lasted a good 10 minutes?!


This was the only time Ash turned around lol.  

After that he was looking straight ahead making sure he didn't miss a thing!

These three chatted about the things they saw.

See that sun?  Perfect.

He held on like this with
both hands pretty much
the whole ride.
The grounds at this park
are so pretty!

Played a game of Labyrinth with the boys.  It's a fun maze game.  

Vann's making a move.
To get me!  He and
Chayce were teaming
up against me lol

I supervised the SAT's at a local college here a few weekends ago.  As I watched the students think and solve problems I looked at a few questions in an unused test book.  Then that next week Vann learned the equation to solve one of the questions!  Couldn't believe it.  We love Life of Fred, our math curriculum, and this is one small reason why.  We love it mostly because it makes math fun.  The boys look forward to it everyday.  It's never a chore for them.  And now I'm feeling pretty good that Vann will get at least one problem on his SATs correct!  

Another way to make school work fun...nerf gun bullets!  

We're headed to Texas tomorrow morning to visit my family down there.  Exciting!  Remember last year when we almost missed our plane...2 minutes to spare.  Phew it was so close.  Well that's not happening this year!  And I'm bringing a new book to read.  I haven't made time to read in months and I miss it.  So hopefully I'll be able to get a few pages in while we wait at the airport.  Today we'll all be busy packing and cleaning.  I love coming home from vacation to a mostly clean house.  Makes getting back into your regular routine a lil easier.  Okay I'm off to get busy for the day.  Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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