Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Sweets turned 4!!

My baby is 4!  When the heck did that happen huh?  Oh my Sweets.  He is hands down the best snuggler out there.  Full body arm and leg squeezes...love 'em.  And he's such a goofball!  He's always making us laugh.  He loves to learn, play outside and his fav is spending time with his brothers.  He's a pretty amazing little brother.

The night before his birthday I snapped a few pics...see what I mean about being a goofball!  

When he was just a few days old.  Chaycers has loved this lil baby since he was in my belly.  They have the most special bond.  Makes my heart so happy!

Present time!

A Spiderman game for his Innotab.

A card from Grandma.

Pokemon cards!  

Card from another Grandma!

Vann reading him the card...it was a funny one!

An animal Lego set.

This was his most fav present...

A nerf gun!!  I know, like we need more, but they're so much fun!

He got right to building his Lego set.  And he did so good!  

He read the instructions and put it together all by himself.  

Happy Birthday time!  He picked out this chocolate cake from the store.  

Blow 'em out!

That cute face...I just wanna smooch him all over!

And there's my goofy boy!

For his birthday fun we went bowling.

He loooves to bowl!

He had this sideways throw going on.  It was adorable.

First of three games...in the 2nd game he got a strike!

Chaycers and Vann

It was such fun family time.  We all loved it!

My three loves.

Chris, Vann and I only played two games.  I broke 100 on game 2!  Took me a long time to get my groove on and not gutter ball it lol.  

Happy 4th birthday my Sweets!  Love you more than you'll ever know.  Keep being your loving, silly, perfect lil self.   

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