Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sunny Sunflowers

I have so many fun art projects to share with you!  All of them are from my most fav art website, Deep Space Sparkle.  I'm a part of the Members Club and it's amazing!  So many wonderful projects at my fingertips for all my kiddos...worth every penny.  This Sunny Sunflower was completed over a few days...painting, cutting, gluing, all kinds of fun stuff!

First they made orange and yellow painted paper using sponges and plastic knives to make cool patterns in the paint. 

Then they made blue and purple painted paper. 

Time to cut out their petals, stems and leaves!
I love Ash's focused face...he gets so into it.

And glue them on to make a beautiful Sunny Sunflower!
Ash doesn't like to get messy during art time.  He's checking for glue on his finger lol.

Love them!!  Bridget's is on the left.  Ash's is on the right.  

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