Monday, October 3, 2016

Chayce's birthday surprise!

For Chayce's birthday surprise this year we took him and a few friends to this place called Funtopia.  And boy was it fun!!  

But first we had a few hours to kill because this momma didn't realize she needed to reserve a time to climb online.  So we walked around the strip mall and just hung out.

Dude perfect with a
water bottle. 
Vann got it to land on
the cap two times!

This face...makes my heart gush. 

A few giggles with Grandma before they got suited up to climb.

It's time, yay!!  There were a ton of different walls to climb.

Ash did so well!

Mia and Ash 

Vann's doing the rope walk.
He liked it!

Chayce is almost to the
top of the towers.

Ash made it to the top of the ladder many times!

Chaycers at the top of the tires!

Mia on the shapes.
Kayla on the ladder.

Chayce on the beanstalk.

Mia on the towers.
Chayce loved this
wall with the lights.

He was so focused while he was adorable.

Chayce on the shapes.

Yay!  He climbed the tires to the top many times too.

Jump and swing!

This was how you told
them you wanted to cute!

You had to move these balls through the maze as you climbed.

Chaycers and Mia

Chayce and Ash on the spider's web.

To the top he goes!

So these blocks were Chayce and Mia's favorite!  

Stack, climb, fall, laugh...over and over and over again!  It was the best!! 

Ash and Vann

How cute is he?!

He never stopped...kept at it the whole time!

Such an amazing group of kids.  I love them all!

Chaycers fun!

And now he's sliding.  They all loooved this!

It was a fun filled time!  And most importantly my Chaycers had a memorable 8th birthday.  Love you my sweet Chaycers!  

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