Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our weekend fun

We had a fun filled day last Saturday.  It was one of those where you're running here and there and everywhere, but each place made the day even that more special.  Lots of great convos and laughs.  It was perfect!

First stop was the library for an 'Around the World in 60 Minutes' event.  Have I told you how much I love our library?  I totally do!   So we dropped Vann and Chayce off at the library, then Ash and I headed to power grocery shop.  Man 45 minutes goes fast when you're in the grocery store lol.  We were almost successful at getting everything on my list, but not quite.  No biggie, I'll just run to the store later if needed.  Then back to the library to scoop up the older boys.  

 As we turned the corner onto our street we see this guy walking down the sidewalk past our house.  A coyote!  I quick stopped the car, unlocked my phone and snapped a pic.  While it was neat to see a coyote up close, I kinda hope to never see him in our neighborhood again.  

A quick stop at home to switch the laundry and grab the birthday present for our first party.  Their cousin, Liza, was turning 8!  The kids had fun playing and dancing and just being goofs.  


 After Liza's party we headed back home to switch the laundry again...I'm always trying to squeeze housework in whenever I can!  And we grabbed the present for our second party of the day.  Their friend, Logan, was turning 10!  They had fun playing Minecraft and singing karaoke.  So much fun that nobody wanted to go home.  But eventually we did head back home to finish up the laundry and get ready for bed.  One of my favorite things is snuggling with them at night and talking about our day.  

This week we've been busy with school.  Gosh the boys are all doing so well.  I still get amazed by all they know and how eager they are to learn new things.  My babies are growing up!  And I'm not really ready.  Sometimes it hits last night when I was rock-a-bying my Sweets before bed.  As I hugged him tight I wished that he will want me to rock-a-bye him for forever.  Which I know he won't, but a momma can wish!  A few tears fell...happy, grateful, blessed, loving tears.  And then I snuggled him into bed and kissed his sweet face goodnight.  I'm a lucky momma that's for sure!

Practicing his patterns.  We started a new monthly preschool kit and we're really enjoying it.  I'll share more about that later.  

Chaycers put together a 3D puzzle.  It's the Eiffel Tower. 

Vann is always, I'm talking always, folding.  He made ET and Pinocchio...his nose moves!  

Okie doke, I'm off to teach the boys something new!  Hope you have the best day :)

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